Music Scan hangs ( database or disk is full error in log)

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I have a Squeezebox Server with the following configuration.

Hardware: Netgear DNS-323
Software: FunPlug 0.7 including Logitech Media Server Version: 7.7.1 – r33735
I get some trouble when software starts scanning directories for new files. This happens only my new Squeezebox Server only. Old one's version is 7.5.x but it is working fine. Mostly the first run is fine but the second run is incomplete and hanging.
Here is the details in the scanner log file.
[12-03-27 22:30:10.3447] Slim::Control::Request::execute (1889) Error: While trying to run function coderef [Slim::Control::Queries::musicfolderQuery]: [Carp::Clan::__ANON__(): DBI Exception: DBD::SQLite::db selectrow_array failed: database or disk is full [for Statement "
FROM scanned_files
SELECT url FROM tracks
WHERE id <= 54229
AND url LIKE 'file:///mnt/HD_a2/Media/Audio/Musik/Alben/2012%'
AND filesize != 0
) AS t1
"] at /mnt/HD_a2/ffp/lib/logitechmediaserver-7.7.1/Slim/Schema/ line 126
I unable to find any full file system on the system. I think this error might be inside the SQLite database?
Please give me a solution for this.
I want to solve this without restarting the server 5 times a day or buying a new NAS with more performance.
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Music Scan hangs ( database or disk is full error in log)


When you are trying to search for a particular music name that is very big then this error usually comes.

  1. If you are the admin of the database then split or divide the name into different attributes so that the search becomes accessible.
  2. If you are not the admin then it is none of your concern and you should better contact the administrator of the database.
  3. If you are searching with a full song name, do it by using only 1 or 2 words from the songs as it will automatically reduce the number of parameters being passed at a time.
  4. Try to refresh the page of the search after every research as it gives the search engine a new start.

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