Multiple blue screen encounter with my iPhone 5s

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I was editing a document using the pages app in my iPhone 5s and I pressed the home button. Suddenly my phone would freeze, then my screen became blue and then the phone would  reboot. It happened to me a lot of times and I am looking for someone who can help me fix this. Can anybody help out?

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Multiple blue screen encounter with my iPhone 5s


Hello Joseph,

This is a known issue in Apple iPhone 5s. The blue screen you referring to is actually called "Blue Screen Of Death" or BSOD in short. This issue is mainly due to Apple iWork apps such as pages(I believe it's the same you were talking about).

What you have to do is to disable your iCloud sync for iWork Apps. This should solve the issue.

Anyway you should call to Apple store and tell them about issue. They should replace your phone straight away..!!



Scurlock Ward


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