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MSI Slider S20 has a slide mechanism on its LCD Screen. You can slide it down until it covers the entire keyboard.

Does it slide smoothly and would not require too much force? What is the screen made of?

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The sliding mechanism is perfectly fine. The slider does not require much force because it is very well tuned and smooth but not wobbly. The keyboard slides back behind the screen. It is made of strong gray or white plastic with silver colored sides and base.

The plastic body helps maintain the manageability and light weight of the system and practically improves slidability. It can be used by a simple slide and touch. It weighs 2.9 pounds and measures 2cm thick.

The MSI Slider S20 features a fairly glossy 11.6-inch screen surface. The display screen appears moderately vivid and wide. The slider includes a QWERTY keyboard even it already has multitouch screen features that can carry out commands.  

MSI did not mention yet the final specifications, features and price of this product. The company plans to release this slider in the third quarter of year 2012.

final specifications, features and price of this product

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Hello Doloresigott,

Thank you for posting your question here. In connection with the question you have given my answer is yes. It really slide smoothly and does not require too much force.

It is very comfortable to use according to the article I have read. It has great features and I am craving to buy for it.

I hope I have helped you.