MSI Afterburner shows errors at startup.

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I have overclocked my Geforce 210 using MSI Afterburner. I'm getting a error, 'Unable to connect to the server' from MSI Afterburner. I have disabled everything from auto update to sync in the above mentioned program but it is still showing it's error at the time of startup. What can I do to fix this? Actually, I get this error even if I don't overclock my GPU.

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MSI Afterburner shows errors at startup.


I don’t think the problem has something to do with the MSI Afterburner application because the program itself is mainly used for overclocking graphics adapters and will not affect your internet connection. If you still see the error even if you don’t overclock your GPU, try updating your current version.

Download and install the latest version, MSI Afterburner 4.1.0. Supposedly, it is designed for MSI graphics adapters but will also work for AMD and NVIDIA graphics adapters. The MSI Afterburner is collaboration between Alexey Nicolaychuk, the developer of RivaTuner, and MSI. See image.

If you still get the message, you are probably using the MSI Afterburner Remote Server and may not be configured properly. To use the program, you must be using Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. You also need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2. Also, make sure your computer can connect to the internet.

Next, you need an Android Smartphone, iPhone, or an iPad that can connect to a Wi-Fi. Both your Smartphone and your computer should be installed with MSI Afterburner Remote Server. For the complete instruction and to download MSI Afterburner Remote Server for mobile, visit MSI Afterburner Remote Server Installation.

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