Help on installing new graphics card

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Hello to all Experts! I don’t know much about Forums but nonetheless, I need some help. My computer works really fine that I could even paint a picture of it. But I am currently in need of help in installing new graphics card. How can I do it? Please help.

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Help on installing new graphics card


Hello Bryant,

To install a new graphics card it will require that you open the inside of your computer and remove the old and replace with the new one. This means that you will have to buy a new graphics card. The following links will give you a detailed guide on how you will replace your old graphics card with the new one.

Follow the steps, and look at the images for guidance so that you do not end up removing the wrong card, for there are several cards there including the TV cards.

Hope this helps


Lee Hung

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Help on installing new graphics card


There are a number of things you have to consider before installing a new graphics card. One being the effects of ESD (Electrstatic Discharge), which can easily harm you or your PC.

Be sure to disconnect from the main power source as the first step. Open your computer's casing and locate an empty PCI Slot (normally a white lengthy slot on the main board).

That is, if the new graphics card is a PCI, else, if its an AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), its (in most cases) one long port similar to PCI slots but has a locking clip at the end. For best performances, use an AGP Graphics Card over PCI.

Also, make sure that you have compatible drivers or download latest compatible ones from the manufacturer's website, or Google the model number of your graphics card and download the latest drivers on the internet. Be sure to screw the new Graphics card on the chasis of the computer if required to, but its important to lock it to avoid damaging your computer.

Please don't hesitate to respond in case you have queries or problems later on .


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