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Author: Nicky Gil
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I am new in using Microsoft Visual Basic for a school project.

After minutes of coding I suddenly encountered this error message “Run-timer error ‘-2032465660 (86db0904)’: Object name not found.” upon compiling my project.

I really cannot trace where the error occurred. I hope anyone can help me fix this dilemma of mine.

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Nicky Gil,

I am sure the user you used in coding your source code did not match the object name in your interface.

Have you created various buttons and textbox in your visual basic form?

If so, you should be aware that the object name for example of your textbox is text1.txt should match the object name you used in coding.

For example you have a Textbox for name like this in your form:



Check the textbox(Text1) id or name in your properties at the right side. Or right click the textbox and select properties.

Your textbox name is at the first row of your properties.

In your source code, if you used txtname.txt you should change the textbox name/id into txtname.txt so that when you run the program, the error will not be encountered anymore.

Please apply this also with your command button, option box, etc.