MS Office x32 and x64 running in the same PC

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Is there really an issue with MS Office x32 and x64 running in the same PC? It seems this is what I came across with my client's PC which has Windows 7 (64-bit) OS and MS Office 2010 Starter pack that seems to be a 32-bit version.

The starter pack only has MS Word and Excel in it. The client needs Outlook 2010 so he purchased a copy and had me install it. However, I came across an error message that stated I can't install it with an installed Office Starter x86.

From my online research, the only suggestion I came across with was to uninstall the MSO Starter package. Can anybody tell me if this is the only solution applicable? Is there anything else that can be done to remedy the situation?

Thanks a lot.

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MS Office x32 and x64 running in the same PC


Hello Anne,

The main concern when it comes to installing applications to operating systems is app compatibility with the operating system that is being used. And for that reason, Microsoft Office 2010 is known to be compatible with Windows 7 64 bit and that is it can be installed and run without an issue.

But that does not mean that you can install absolutely any 32 bit application on Windows 7 64 bit and expect it to work. It may only be applicable to few applications for like it is for Microsoft Office 2010. I will recommend therefore that before you install any application you make sure that you check if it is compatible with the operating system that you have installed to avoid problems after installation.




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