Mozilla Firefox certificate issue Error code: 8102

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Last night I have downloaded Mozilla Firefox 3.6 from and I have successfully downloaded it into my computer. But every time I try to connect to a particular site I get the following message:
Could not establish an encrypted connection because certificate presented by "certain site" is invalid or corrupted. Error code: 8102
However, I can open that particular site from Internet Explorer. I have searched everywhere for a solution to this Error code: 8102 but it seems very hard to find. If anyone have a solution of this problem please reply me.
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Mozilla Firefox certificate issue Error code: 8102


This error is obvious key usage extension available in a server. Ensure the certificate associated with the webpage. May be the certificate with key usage extension sent by the site is not containing digital signature. So there is no option to validate the SSL Server certificate and Firefox refuses to load the page.

In Internet Explorer this is not concerned and it just assumes it’s valid and displays the page. Firefox will give an option to avoid this matter in near future so keep it updated. May be there are occasional cases this occur s due to virus infections and corrupted files. Restore your system last known good configuration and scan for viruses are a possible solution.

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Mozilla Firefox certificate issue Error code: 8102


Antidote for Error Code 8102 errors for Firefox.

Briefly, this Firefox Error Code 8102 error is a computer error code blueprint which Microsoft Windows and adaptable software programs use to establish the error originated.

Windows system abortion is sometimes instrumental to this error code. Modified system files abuse computers health seriously. If a file doesn’t delete successfully or an installation is fractional, malware and spyware infiltration can all cause this error code on computer systems.

There are two ways to remedy this complication;

1. Manual for the skilled.

2. Automatic for learners.

For the skilled,

1. Boot your system.

2. Find your way to system restore.

3. Restore your system to a earlier date.

4. Reboot your system and that is it.

For learner,


2. Click on Scan now button.

3. Then click on repair.

4. Restart the computer.

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