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I got this first error while installing zend server on my window laptop.

When creating your framework project: ‘”php.exe”‘ is not recognized as an internal or external command,

Operable program or batch file.

Can somebody answer this for me?

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This could mean that it is not installed as a path, you might need to add the path.
Just add the directory where "php.exe" is installed to your PATH environment.  Log out first for the changes to take effect. It should work.

1. Right click on "My Computer" icon.
2. Click "Properties".
3. Click "Advanced".
4. Click "Environment Variables"
5. In the Environment Variables, click TMP variable.
6. Select Path Variable and click on edit button.
7. At the end of the "variable value" field add the path of the directory, containing the "php.exe".
8. Now one by one clickok for each window opened and then you need to restart your computer.

I hope this helps, as it has worked for many other users with the same problem as yours. Enjoy.