Monitor Display Problem due to fan loud sound?

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My colleague has a computer which system board big tech motherboard; graphics card NVidia, fx55 processor. when he turn his computer on, it will stay on for the most about 2 and half  hours or at the least 2 minutes before the display on monitor distorts, lock up computer and restarts. Sometimes it would do this few times in a row before finally there's no display at all but can hear the comp running its programs as normal also PSU fan running , he confirm to listening music .what is the problem?. Here that processor fan makes load sound. Could this small fan cause it to distort display and lock up comp?

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Monitor Display Problem due to fan loud sound?


Hello Jeshan,

There are causes of "No display on monitor", like monitor connections is not connected properly, monitor settings are not well set or Hardware problem. I have some solutions here, and you can do any of the following solutions.

Solution 1
First thing to do is to unplug and plug the connector. Plug it tightly and be carefully for the pins. When the monitor is receiving power, check the light in your monitor. If the light is orange try to move your mouse or press a key on your keyboard to open the monitor. If you still encounter the same issue. Proceed to my next solution.

Solution 2 (video card & monitor cable)
Step 1: If your video card is built-in, check if it is not properly installed in the motherboard or lost the connection from the video card to the monitor.
Step 2: Kindly check the monitor cable to see if there are no broken pins. If one of the pins are broken that's resulting for no display monitor, you have to contact computer technicians to know if you can be replaced the cable or the monitor.

Solution 3
Most reason why of computer freeze or hard to load faster in the startup is because of having many programs and applications. These remains in the memory, if it is too much for the memory to handle, it will hang. So, if you are multimedia user & having lots of programs & applications then you are better to upgrade your memory at least 512Mb of memory.

Solution 4
Clean the whole CPU also the memory RAM. When the CPU has many dust & grime can destroy your hard drives also the motherboard. It also causes of  computer not working properly. Cleaning computer is recommended to avoid overheating. Follow these steps:
Step 1: Remove the hardware and CD/DVD ROM.
Step 2: Unplug all the connectors and IDE, so you can easily remove the dirt and dust.
Step 3: It is better to use a vacuum by cleaning the computer fans.
Step 4: Clean connectors, IDE and cords while they are unplug.
          Then in cleaning your memory RAM. follow the steps:
          Step 1: Remove all your memory RAM.
          Step 2: Get eraser to rub the golden surface only.
          Step 3: And get a soft cloth to clean the particles of eraser.
                     Insert now the memory RAM properly.
          Step 4: You can plug now all the connectors and IDE.
          Step 5: Restart the computer.

Solution 5
Restore your computer from the day when your computer works properly. In System Restore it can help to turn you in an instant to the last best settings of your computer. But unfortunately it will delete the last saved files in your computer. I'm giving you the steps of System Restore. Follow these steps:
Step 1: Run the computer into Safe Mode (F8), during the initial startup keep pressing F8.
Step 2: When you are in Windows Advanced Option Screen, select Safe Mode and hit Enter.
           If you finally open your computer in Safe Mode there will be a dialog box will appear.
Step 3: Select NO to proceed in System Restore.
Step 4: Select "Restore my computer to an earlier time" then click Next.
Step 5: You are going to select the day that you wanted to restore.
           Remember, you have to choose the day before the problem happens then it will automatically restart  your computer.

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Monitor Display Problem due to fan loud sound?


Hi Jeshan,

This may help to your problem The problem is in the Monitor itself , cables, or its video card. You should check first the cables that are connected to your monitor and to your CPU. Unplug them and plug it again. Second you should check your  Video card. Remove it to the case and clean it. The put it back again. If you do this  and the problem is there  the problem is your monitor. Try to call a technician to check your monitor and repair it if it has problems.

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Monitor Display Problem due to fan loud sound?


To resolve your problem I have a suggestion for you.

Open “Device Manager” of your computer and check how it shows the monitor and display adapter.

Here you may required to make some changes manually back to the laptop screen.

Hopefully driver will exist there and you won't have to track them.

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