Moneywell 2 Syncing problem on iMac

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When opening Moneywell 2 I get the error message displayed below. This cause on my iMac after it showed "Syncing" in the lower left corner.

It has the document correct and up do date. I typically update it on Mac Book Pro. But the problem is the document is incorrect on my iMac currently.

The document "Brunansky.moneywell" could not be autosaved. The file has been changed by another application. Click Save Anyway to keep your changes and save the changes made by the other application as a version, or click Revert to keep the changes from the other application and save your changes as a version.
I want a help to proceed it on my iMac? I’m waiting for a solution.
Thank you.


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Moneywell 2 Syncing problem on iMac


Maybe that’s the reason why the error happened. You usually try updating it on a Mac Book Pro which is a totally different machine from the iMac you used where the error appeared.

If you normally do this every time you access the program then maybe this time an error occurred when you did it on two [2] different computers which usually never happens before.

If you are sure that you are doing the same particular file on two [2] different computers, you may choose clicking the Save Anyway button to update the file with your current changes which you did in the iMac. The problem doesn’t really concern the application and only happens with your file or record, Brunansky.moneywell, where it is updated using a different machine.

If you are still in doubt that other problems are doing this, you may try reinstalling Moneywell on any of the computers you used. Uninstall the application then check your computer for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application to check the system. Install Moneywell again after this.

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