Models in IPHONE 5C and 5S

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Hi Experts,

Models in IPHONE 5C and 5S

What are the different models available

What are the different storage capacities?

Is Facetime free from iPHONE to iPHONE

Is there an option to disable fingerprint scanner in iPHONE 5S? if yes can i have the steps


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Models in IPHONE 5C and 5S


Hi I-Guru,
Models for iPhone 5C are
1) A1532: iPhone 5C (GSM Model)
2) A1456: iPhone 5C (CDMA Model)
3) A1532: iPhone 5C (CDMA Model)
4) A1507: iPhone 5C (GSM Model)
5) A1526: iPhone 5C (GSM China Model)
6) A1529: iPhone 5C
Models for iPhone 5S are
1) A1533: iPhone 5S (GSM Model)
2) A1533: iPhone 5S (CDMA Model)
3) A1453: iPhone 5S (GSM Model)
4) A1457: iPhone 5S (GSM China Model)
5) A1530: iPhone 5S
The storage capacities for iPhone 5C are 16 GB and 32 GB, for iPhone 5S are 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB.
Face time is free from iPhone to iPhone.
Steps to disable fingerprint scanner in iPhone 5S are:
1) Set the user id and password to unlock the screen of iPhone 5S
2) Make the Airplane Mode inaccessible from the lock screen
3) Add PIN after setting the Airplane to access the screen

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Models in IPHONE 5C and 5S



Here are 7 major differences between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, here are a link for more details:

1. Processor Speed = iPhone 5S has a faster processor than iPhone 5C's. IPhone 5S has 64-bit processor compared to iPhone 5C that has only 32-bit processor.

2. Motion Co-processor = iPhone 5S has motion Co-processor but iPhone 5C doesn't.

3. Fingerprint Scanner = available only in iPhone 5S.

4. Camera = iPhone 5S has dual flash, burst mode and ability to record slow motion video in 720HD while iPhone 5C does not have.

5. Colors = iPhone 5C has more attractive colour compared to iPhone 5S.

6. Storage Capacity = iPhone 5S has maximum 64 GB of storage compared to iPhone 5C that has maximum storage of 32 GB.

7. Price = iPhone is more expensive compared to iPhone 5C.

Yes. Fingerprint scanner can be disable.

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