Mobile Internet does not work

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Hello experts,

I just bought an HTC One X and I really like it. Just having some issues with the mobile Internet. I am unable to connect to it. I called the HTC Support and ask about the issue I am encountering and they advise me to change my Micro SIM which I ordered from my mobile provider. But the APN on Congstar could not be configured correctly, I called the HTC again to send me an email with the correct configuration. I also called Congstar for four times to send me the configuration through SMS. They send it to me and I restarted my computer but nothing happened. I checked on the Internet about the APNs on T-Mobile and Congstar. I really need to know more information about my mobile Internet. I am being charged on my SurfFlat500 so please help me.


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Mobile Internet does not work



Here I am to provide you with ideas and solution for you to solve this problem.

This particular problem is basically caused by dual band routers used by HTC product. These dual band routers use both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequency that have similar SSID. By visiting the Advanced Wi-fi settings, you are able to change this frequency in which your HTC One X connects via the wi-fi frequency band. By changing it, your phone is able to connect to internet network again.

Otherwise, please use this alternative. Firstly, you should go to Advanced Wi-fi Settings. Then, you'll see Best Wi-fi Performance. Make sure to tick o that. But, this action will make your battery life shorten.

That's all, if the problem still occurred, please feel free to go to HTC service center. They can help.

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