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I got a message while importing a .mov file to Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.

The error message is 'Codec missing or unavailable'.

How can I import the file or where can I get the required codec.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Hello Fayda Gin,

Because MOV containers can use the MPEG-4 codecs, it is mostly interchangeable in a QuickTime-only environment. It means *.mov files are exclusive to  Apple.  Try downloading QuickTime Lite or QuickTime Player. They will surely  play *.mov files.

If you are still unable to play these files then you might need a codec pack. Install a codec pack for example: K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. Or download VLC player or the KMPlayer.

Or you can convert these *.mov files to *wmv or *.avi or a common format. Use a converter to do so.

If you are still unable to play then these files might be corrupted. Hope it helped.


Crawly Math.

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Hi Fayda Gin,

Some of the video and mobile recoding will not play with the normal media play because some codes may not be available to those media player.

The solution to this is to have a media player that have the latest codes or else you may be able to download the codecs to your already available media player so that it may be able to play those videos.

Examples of this media player and codecs available for download are

1. VLC media player : it is simple ,has many features and it is very easy to use

2. K-Lite mega codec pack: Contain large codec for mega audio and video

3. Vista CODEC pack: Meant for vista Media player if installed can be able to play almost all the video

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The “.mov” file you want to import on your Adobe Premier Pro CS4 is a QuickTime file format which is obviously playable if you have QuickTime Player installed on your computer.

Premiere cs6 codec missing or unavailable also can follow the same instructions

Installing the QuickTime Player on your machine will also fix the codec problem that you are having since the application itself will automatically install the codec on your system and other programs like Adobe Premier Pro CS4 that uses the codec will benefit from it since it will make the codec readily available on your machine and any program that requires it can use it.

To make the codec for the “.mov” file available on your computer, download QuickTime 7.7.4 from Apple QuickTime.

It works on Mac and Microsoft Windows. For Windows users, it supports Windows XP Service Pack 2 and up, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

For Adobe Premier Pro CS4, it supports the import and export functions on QuickTime movie file [.mov] and in order to use these functions you need to install QuickTime Player.

Adobe Premier Pro CS4 supports these video file formats: .3gp [import and export, requires QuickTime Player], .mts [import], .m2ts [import], .dv [import and export], .flv [import and export], .f4v [import and export], .avi [import and export, export works on Windows only], .asf [import, Windows only], .mpg [import and export, export works on Windows only], .m2v [import and export], .m4v [import and export], .mxf [import and export], .mov [import and export, requires QuickTime Player], .swf [import], .dlx [import, Windows only], .wma [import and export, export works on Windows only], .wmv [import and export, export works on Windows only], .mp4 [import], and .mxf [import].

Sharath Reddy