Microsoft SQL Server 2012 error

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I get the following error while trying to install MS SQL server 2012 on my windows 7 64 bit edition and the installation aborts and doesn’t continue. I am unable to figure out what the problem behind. Any help will be appreciated.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Setup The following error has occurred: Unable to open Windows Installer file ‘F:x64 setupsql_engine_core_inst_msi_sql_engine_core_inst.msi’. Windows Installer error message: the system cannot open the device or file specified. Click ‘Retry to retry the failed action, or click ‘cancels’ this action and continue setup.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 error


Hello Theresajmickens,

There are two possible problems with your installation. The problem seems to be that the installer can't find the sql_engine_core_inst.msi file.

Firstly I would suggest that you copy everything from drive F to another drive like C. You can make a folder on your desktop and put everything in there. Then you can start the installation once again and see if the same error pops up. If this doesn't help then most probably the file is corrupted, incomplete or missing, so you will need to download MS SQL server 2012 again and retry installing.

Hope that helps.



P Vhilary

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