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Hi Experts,

When I run setup the Office Customization Tool starts and takes a while on the message

Loading selected product data. and then shows up with Failed to get available product info.

This is media downloaded from the Microsoft Licensing site.  

Any ideas? 

Thanks for the help.

Microsoft office Customization tool

Failed to get available product info.

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Hello there,

We all know that Microsoft office is licensed software and if you upgrade this package than you also have to upgrade the licensed agreement. If you want to load some product data or want to update the system info than the Microsoft server will not allow you to do so. It will show you the message in that case. So only thing you can do is to buy a licensed version of Microsoft office and then install that and enjoy with full privilege.

Thank you,

Riley weaver

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Good day!

I bought a licensed Office 2013 and I have never encounter that kind of error when using the Microsoft Office Customization Tool. So I was thinking, since you just downloaded it from a licensing site the most that you could do about it is uninstalling the office first and then try to re-install it again. If the same error occur you could find another reliable source to download it from and if this error still appears I suggest you buy the real deal and you’ll never regret it.