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1.    A pop-up error message for Microsoft Office 2012 stating that an error has occurred and error report request to be send. This happens when on my Hotmail account to open an attachment with a picture every time. Microsoft Office 2012 pops up a window with photos of which I do not recognize as soon as I click other options.

The error message pops up again when I click out of it. The pictures come up again when I click on send or don’t send. I am forced to close my computer in order to get out of this repeating cycle.

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This happens because you directly open an attachment that contains an image. When you do this it will automatically launch the application associated with the attachment and since it is an image one of the programs of Microsoft Office 2012 that is associated with the file’s type automatically loads and opens the file. And then the error appears.

Try downloading the attachment first and then save it anywhere in your hard drive. After saving the file, be sure to scan it first with your antivirus so your system will be safe. After checking the file, double-click it to open it.

If the same error appeared again that has something to do with Microsoft Office, try doing a clean installation of the package again. Uninstall the whole Microsoft Office 2012 package then check your computer for any possible errors.

Use a disk utility application to check the system. After the disk check install Microsoft Office 2012 again and then try opening the file again.

Sharath Reddy