Microsoft Excel Formula is too long.

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My greetings to all techyv readers,

I have a problem here to consult. Every time I input a long formula in Microsoft Excel, I meet an error message that the formula is to long.

Microsoft Excel

Formula is too long.

As I read on the error message, I am having a problem on how to finish my report since I really need to use the long formula that will make my work easier. If I will not use the long formula my work will take many hours by doing some manual computations.

Please share some ideas on how to let Microsoft Excel accept long formula.

Thanks a lot.

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Microsoft Excel Formula is too long.



Hope you are using MS Office 2007, then a cell can carry 8,192 characters in a formula. If your formula is longer than that bit is good to enter a half of the formula in one cell and get the answer and combine with the formula in another cell.

If you want to get the answer for part of the formula you can press ‘F9’ while the cell is selected.

Or you can try to reduce the number of unnecessary characters entered in the formula by renaming some worksheets referred in the formula. As an example, sheet1 can be renamed as S1.

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Microsoft Excel Formula is too long.


Mr. Johnhegry.

Text contents up to 30,000 or more characters long. Your text formula use in 1 half method.

You can increase your space to save. Windows must be relevant on MS Excel version. It will be effect on speed of PC. Here you can go from some logic:

1. Take your available space how enough depends on you.

2. If the text up to 5000 or more background somewhere it might accept and you will perform the best event.

Don't think about your variation and violate just use all system what you used in before formula and surely increase your text long.

Then you may get your happy terms.


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