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Can I install softmaker office pocketpc suite on my memory card?

I just want to check if it is good so I could just conveniently switch devices once I change it.

I want to try what’s going to be most convenient so I don’t need to do it all over again.

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Yes, You can install the softmaker on your memory card or USB, However , I must inform you that it doesn't support email client like database and outlook utility, Softmaker office is compatible with all office formats and comes for free,

link from where You can download this software


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Hi there Rochelle T Tritt,

The SoftMaker Office is one of the most complete portable MS Office imitation. Its first purpose is to be installed on removable drive such as USB memory stick or memory card, so you can carry it with you and use on any computer you have access without leaving traces on the computer.

It includes four main applications compatible with MS Office formats - TextMaker, PlanMaker, BasicMaker and SoftMaker Presentations. You should know that this is a portable tool and as such it doesn't support some advanced Office features so you may find it a bit disappointing. Also, it does not include any email client.

Best regards,

Drake Vivian