Make your system more secure with external hard drive password software

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I am a Beginner, and I want to put a password on my external hard drive to protect it from unauthorized access. Can you suggest me good external hard drive password software? What are its advantages and what steps should be followed to put as well as remove the password? Thanks in advance.

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Make your system more secure with external hard drive password software


Hi. Storage crypt is an excellent external hard drive password software.

The advantages of the software are that it can encrypt the USB, HDD, etc. with the password you provide, prevent the disk drive from getting formatted, the encryption and decryption available are fast, portable means to encrypt/decrypt device but for Windows 7 only. The steps to encrypt/decrypt-

1) Download the software Storage crypt

2) Once downloaded, double-click on it and install it

3) Plug-in the USB device which is to be encrypted and open the software

4) In the encryption mode option, click on quick encryption

5) Under software portability, click on the option full

6) You will have to type the password twice, the second time to verify it. Once the password has been entered, click on encrypt option

7) In the case of decryption, plug-in the locked USB and open the file name SClite.exe from the folder

8) Type the password and click on decrypt to remove the lock from the USB

Hope we helped.

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