Make Your PC Work Fine: Dell Consider Replacing Your Battery

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Hi. I am a Dell-Windows 7 user. I have been getting the notification to replace the battery from a few days. It was working fine a few days back. So is there something wrong with the battery and should Dell consider replacing your battery or is there some other reason behind it? Also, what steps need to be followed?

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Make Your PC Work Fine: Dell Consider Replacing Your Battery


Hi. This problem has been faced by some users because of not downloading the latest hardware and software updates. It will be better to let Dell consider replacing your battery and the steps that need to be followed are-

1) Click on the battery icon on the bottom of the screen

2) Now click on change advanced power settings

3) Expand the option named battery 

4) Change the battery level of the low battery level tab to 7%

5) Make the critical battery level 5% and the reserve battery level to 4%

6) Then, the critical battery action should be opened and the value for on battery should be set to hibernate

7) Click on Customize on the left side of the battery option

8) Select Turn system items on or off

9) Turn off the power icon’s behavior. This will fix the issue of considering replacing the battery.

These steps will ensure that the PC works even if the battery is down.

Hope we helped.

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