Estimate the Power Supply Amount

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I have 100 computers to be used by different groups of people including, secretaries and Engineers. I therefore would like to make an estimate of the amount of power supply to an office building which will house all these computers. The composition of these computers that are owned by my client is in two types with nameplate rating on the CPUs of: A) 110V/6A; B) 100-127V/8A. 120V will be the nominal supply.

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Estimate the Power Supply Amount


Hello Clyde,

A hundred computers is quite a large number of computers, and therefore you should expect that a lot of power will be used including the printers, servers, switches and other devices that you might include on the network. Though I may not be able to quote the exact figures of the power that will be expected to be consumed by the computers, I know that it will be a lot.

You will need to get powerful Uninterruptible Power Supplies that will able to hold enough to power the computers in case power goes off so as to maintain a stable working environment without interruptions.


Lee Hung

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