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Can I add Mac Pro with 10.5 server as an administrator to a client studio? The network consists of 4 Windows XP 32 bit PCs and a file sharing server with roaming profile. 

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Hi Therese,

Yes you can definitely add a Macintosh Pro computer with 10.5 leopard server on a client studio. You just need to make sure you have the server edition of the Operating System for you to be able to add it on the network and act as a server.

To setup the server, you just need to do the steps below:

  • Install Server and Configuration DNS
  • Configure Services
  • Create SharePoint
  • Create Users & Groups
  • Setup Client Imaging
  • Edit Managing Preferences
  • Create User template
  • Set up Win XP Workgroup
  • Setup Mac OS X Server to be primary domain
  • Client Configuration
  • Backup server
  • Configure Internet
  • Set up blogs and Wikis