Mac OS X – right click for new file?

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I recently installed Mac OS X on an Intel PC that I own. (For those who say it is illegal to announce in advance before I bought this system disk in the future I thought about buying a Mac – now I face the financial problem – but it is certain that the next computer will be  a Mac ).

So far I have not used 100% interface and the options you have, but there is an issue that bothers me. I find it very strange that there is no menu to create a new file (like in Windows, e. g.: text, spreadsheet etc.). There is a menu only for a new folder. I searched on Google and found a script and automatically implemented (I avoided the use of additional software in order to learn more about this operating system), but the problem occurs when I right-click on the desktop (there is a standard menu) and inside of finder in an empty area. The script that I use only works when I right-click on a folder.

I am interested in how I can change that standard menu from right-click on desktop or inside a folder with an AppleScript? (I do not care to delete; I am interested only to add a menu to create a new file)

Right-click on desktop:

Right-click in Finder:

Thank you!

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Mac OS X – right click for new file?


Unfortunately, there is no direct way to create a new file in Mac Operating System online in Windows.  But like all other Operating Systems, it comes with a standard word processor and as for this case its called "Text Edit".  Double click the Main Hard drive which is "Macintosh HD" and click the "Applications" folder, you should be able to find "Text Edit" easily since its sorted out in alphabetical order. Since you tried to install Mac Operating System in a Windows Platform Computer, the only downside is not having the full resources of your computer since not all hardware function properly and that's because of lacking a driver. But on the other hand, minor programs like "Text Edit" and Safari Browser should work fine.

I hope this helps.

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