LXDE monitor shows 100 percent CPU using all the time

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I need help on why it does not show 100% CPU usage, but the LXDE monitor reflects 100%. I have installed Ubuntu on my Linux laptop because I am experiencing soft lockups. However, after turning my laptop on, it is still slow and freezes for several seconds.

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LXDE monitor shows 100 percent CPU using all the time


If the CPU shows 100% usage then it means you have on the computer some memory intensive applications that are taking up a lot of system memory. To improve the speed of your computer, you will need to do the following:

  • You will need to look up those applications that may be exhausting the system memory and therefore slowing down its operations, and if the not crucial remove them.
  • If the problem of slowness is as a result of the computer running on low memory, you will need to upgrade the RAM capacity of the computer to improve its performance. Make sure that your computer has a minimum of 3GB RAM for it to be faster.

-Lee Seen


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