Lotus Notes sending error issue

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I am having a hard time with my Lotus Notes 8.  I must say, I am just new to this and I want to try this. I am encountering this error,

“You have requested to sign this internet message but your current ID does not contain an internet certificate. Select OK to send the message anyway. Select cancel to not send the message”

And to tell you honestly, I am not sure whether what I did change to see this.

My first question is, how do I make my ID contain an Internet certificate?

Anyway, right after I saw that message, I selected OK thinking that I will send the message away, but I once again see an error,

“The cryptographic key was not found”

I am seeing one error from another error and I do not know where to start in fixing this issue. I guess, I am making it hard for myself to try this, when I can always get back to my old email. But, can someone help as I am really interested in Lotus Notes.

Kindly suggest if there is an option to change for me not to see that error every time I send message.

Thanks in advance.

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Lotus Notes sending error issue


Hi Ice,

This error happens because the format that is set for your messages addressed to the Internet addresses field is set to MIME.  This can be found in your Mail tab of your Location document and you do not have an Internet (X.509) certificate in you Notes ID.

To disable the first dialog window, you can add the following line in your notes.ini file in you Notes client.  You can open this file using  your Notepad application.


For the second window there is no workaround to prevent it from popping up at the moment.  Mails sent through Internet, Lotus Notes keys won’t work. We need to have a X.509 certificate integrated into your Lotus Notes ID.

This is not common, the keys are not commonly issued to all since not everybody needs them.

Hope that this would explain why this error comes up.

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