Lost programs and files as well as restore points

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I have searched the web, have read a lot of forums and threads but still I can't find anything similar, or even something that close, with the problem I have encountered last night. I have downloaded a freeware called Video Pad which I thought was safe. While installing, I left my computer for a while. Upon my returned, it was breaking my hard drive. I got shocked as there were no error messages. I could only witness how the icons were disappearing one by one from the desktop.

To my panic, I unplugged my computer's battery to immediately turn it off; but it was too late. When I restarted my pc, almost all of my programs were gone as in all of my files. I checked the memory settings of the hard drive to see if my programs were still there somehow. I remembered that in my last check I had 120Gb free storage left, but now it is about 393Gb. Something really went wrong.

I tried to conduct a system restore, but when I checked the restore points, nothing was available. I clicked on the Start menu, hoping that I could find my files in there, but when I used the search bar, nothing was found. When I try searching for a subject of an email, a link will appear but when you click on it, nothing appears.

My other security program has gone as well, which is the Webroot. The McAfee is still there, so I tried scanning the computer system using McAfee and the scanned results say that the system is secured.

The OS of my computer is Windows 7, 64-bit. I just reinstalled some of my programs for work like Microsoft Office and MS Outlook. However, my files saved in these programs are still missing. I could not find my other programs as well like the Internet Explorer and the Skype.

What could have happened?

And what can I do to retrieve my files?

Please help me.

Thanks a lot.

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Lost programs and files as well as restore points


The issue is something interesting. This might happen once in a while but I haven't encountered this issue before. My friend in my office back then encountered this issue but he install different software, or should I say virus but not being detected and threatened as virus by his Anti-virus software.

What he has done, he look for the specific file hidden in the document. Some of this so-called virus has the capability to hide files and or worse thing, might the delete completely out of your hard drives.

You can research for those missing files using the search feature on Windows.

Go to Start
Then StartSearch
Type the name of the file
Click Search
If nothing shows up
Then do the following steps below

Go to the system registry
System registry is the most sensitive part of windows
Make sure not to mess-up with other files stored
If you are unsure where to locate, ask for computer savvy person to guide you through

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Lost programs and files as well as restore points


If you are able to use the operating system without any problem, then you can be able to recover your files as long as the application your were installing did not wash them away completely  from your system.

My recommendation will be that you use an application for recovering lost and deleted files, now that you have already tried using system restore in vain.

You will need to use an application called RecoverMyFiles to retrieve the files that you have lost on your computer. Since you are using a 64 bit operating system, you will need to go to Google and search for the recovermyfiles application that is supported a windows 64 bit platform.

Download it and install, and then use it to recover the files from the various locations they may be missing from.

Clair Charles


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