Lost Communication With SQL Server Error

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Hi everyone,

Please read this error message and reply for its solution. While I was working on a Software named as Koha, a library software, I got this error. It appeared when I searched one of the books I entered in the software from Marc. After this error, I can’t find my books in that software and it’s a very big loss of mine because I have worked for 6 months to enter books into that software and now just due to this error of communication failure with SQl Server, I am unable to search out any of the records of my books.

If I re-install SQl Server I am afraid that I may lose all connections to the software database. I don’t want to take any risk, so please anyone with a perfect and quick solution to this error contact me and reply to this post.

Thanks friends.

Lost communication with SQL server.

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel.

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Lost Communication With SQL Server Error



I am Philipp. The error you are getting is a very generic error that indicates the communication to the server has been lost. Though that's what it says, the error can be misleading and may be caused by something else, that is why a further analysis of your database is needed to actually determine the error or the cause of it. There are some possible scenarios for it:

  1. Network Issues or Problem, there may be a network issue with your database, you should check and see if all the settings are properly placed and properly configured. Try refreshing the connection.
  2. The server session may have been forcefully disconnected. Check if the connection to your server is working properly.
  3. Oracle database crashed. Your database may have crashed and you have no choice but to either try and restore it if possible or redo it all over again.
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Lost Communication With SQL Server Error


Hello Break,

The error that you are getting occurs when the connection between the client and the database is interrupted unexpectedly because of the following two main reasons:

  • A network problem may have occurred.
  • Or the server process handling your request could have been terminated

In the event that you can reliably produce an ORA-3113 with a statement, you are in the second case, and therefore you are most likely a bug from Oracle. In the event that an Oracle process dies unexpectedly, there will be a trace file in your USER_DUMP_DEST (in SQL*Plus show parameter user_dump_dest), so you will need to check there. You will have to Open the trace file with an editor and look for other more significant error message.




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