Long vertical green dollar lines about 4 or five of them

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Dollar signs on the screen and other spots. This just happened when I was typing  using Word. I had been using it little over 4 hours when it suddenly appeared. Long vertical green dollar lines about 4 or five of them on the screen.  There are other white spots too appearing and little yellow dots.

I restarted the computer and these characters don’t appear on boot up only when it loads to the windows desktop. I tried to start in safe mode, and it doesn’t show anything abnormal.

This only shows when I’m in Windows itself, in the desktop, when browsing, using software.  If this is a video card problem why doesn’t the problems manifest itself in safe mode?

I did a driver reinstall of the video card which is an ATI Radeon 9550 and for a few minutes it seemed to solve the problem but then returned to where it was.

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Long vertical green dollar lines about 4 or five of them


I have seen this in my old Pentium 2 computer. It has a broken SIS video card and also exhibits those patches of colors and lines on the screen but without the dollar signs. To be sure of the problem run first a virus scan on your computer. Update your current antivirus and then do a full-system scan on all of your installed hard drive.

After finishing the task and its clean you may try uninstalling the video card’s driver and let Windows use its default basic video driver. If you noticed that after removing your video card the patches and the dollar symbols disappeared, maybe its time that you replace the attached video card.

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