Linux Mint 14 Mate an error message appeared

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I am running Linux Mint 14 Mate and have installed luckybBackup on my system. It has been running perfectly without having any problem but when I tried to upgrade from Linux Mint 14 Mate an error message appeared. You can see the following warning displayed since the upgrade the/home task. My backup has two tasks, home directory and data partition. I have tried to solve this issue but could not gain any resolution. Please guide me with a proper solution. Thanks.

LuckybBackup Warning

LuckybBackup –warning!!

Please specify the following before proceeding:

Operation name



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Linux Mint 14 Mate an error message appeared


Hi Bobbye,

This is a general issue among mint 14 users – 

Basically directories starting with /mnt or /media considering safety, if mountpoint is the next step of the path when luckybackup checks (like /mint/DataForTushar/) then it is ok otherwise an error is reported to the user if it is not .

Further steps of the path are not checked by LuckybBackup, therefore simply check whether /media/Tushar/ is a mountpoint even in case the path is mounted to /media/Tushar/Iomega HDD/.

The very next software release will be available with the fix till then you cannot do much except minor changes like- 

1. Instead of mounting /media/Tushar/Iomega DRIVE/, mount the target path for /media/Iomega DRIVE/ 
2. In the properties-> Advanced ->Also Execute option you can check the bypass option of warning.

2nd option is not highly recommended since checks for safety will be bypassed.

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