Linux FTP Server and Protection

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I am using Redhat Linux on my Desktop PC. Recently I have installed vsftpd package on my Linux and set up a FTP Server. My FTP Server is accessible from outside by a Real IP. Anyone can access my FTP Server. But I want to make it password protected.

How can I do this? I have tried to edit vsftpd.conf file in /etc/vsftpd directory. But I have failed.

Please help me out with this.

Thank You.

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Linux FTP Server and Protection


Yes. You can do that. You can restrict other users from accessing you FTP server. You could do something like this:

Go to etc/vsftpd.ftpusers file. You could find that easily. Go that file and edit it. You will get a list of users list that are able to access the FTP server.

Go to that list and edit them so that only some of them can have access to your server. You could try this method as it is very easy and it is very helpful if you have some other users who want to access the FTP server other than you.

You could also try editing and changing the configuration file and make necessary changes only yourself to get the access. That file would be here:

  • etc/vsftpd/

You could go there and search for vsftpd.conf file and edit that.

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