Can Fedora Linux Run on Windows 8?

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Word is out that Windows 8 will release a highly improved security boot that only Windows 8 can run on these systems. 

Is this true or is there a way to use Fedora Linux with Windows 8?

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Can Fedora Linux Run on Windows 8?


Hi Jessicafstout,

the talk about windows 8 not allowing Linux to dual boot with it has been around for a while and is always talked about when talking about windows secure booting, and Microsoft didn't even give a straight answer about wither it is true or not.

The good news is that its NOT TRUE, which was affirmed by the successful installation of Linux mint along side windows 8 and here are the steps:

1. Go to disk management in your windows 8 installation.

2. Right click on the partition containing your windows 8 and choose shrink

3. Enter the amount you want to give for the new Linux (minimum 10 gb recommended) then click ok

4. Boot your device with your distribution CD or USB.

5. Install normally and when asked about the place choose the space your freed labeled 'free space'

6. Reboot and you will find the grub loader picking up both you fedora and your windows 8.

Here is a proof:

You can see GRUB picking windows 8 (the last entry), the name can be hanged easily by hitting 'e' while it is highlighted

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