Linear Static: Load/Restraint produce large displacement

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I was trying Linear Static 2008 interactive solver. But the following error message occurred during the operation.

The message was 'Load/Restraint produce large displacement.

Would you like to stop the program and return with Large Displacement flag activated?

What is the reason behind such error message?

Is this for my operational fault or any software level fault?

Please let me know.



Linear Static

Load/Restraint produce large displacement

Would you like to stop the program and  return

with large Displacement flag activated?

              Yes              No

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Linear Static: Load/Restraint produce large displacement


If this pops up at the part level:

  1. Your load might be way too high.

  2. There is an incorrect material properties.

  3. Restraints are insufficient or negligible.

To fix this, check the values indicated in the first two cases. If they are correct, take a look at an animation of the displacement plot (set the deformation scale to automatic).

The animation will tell you to what direction is still unaccounted for. If the directions are accurate , check the location and see if it is on an edge or a small face. Just make sure that the restraints are on the right areas.

If this pops up at the assembly level:

  1. The superset of the part level is the issue.

To fix this, try out the fixes recommended in the part level for each part in the assembly and each restraint/load defined in the property manager.

If these do not fix the issue, the only possible cause can be that one or more of the components in the assembly is not sufficiently restrained. You can verify this by animating the displacement plot and look at which the components fly off.

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