Limewire having trouble with Java

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I just installed Limewire and I am having trouble with it. Right when the prompt came for the installation of Java, it suddenly froze. I tried to wait for it to complete the installation, but it will not. So, what I did was put the installation to a halt, uninstalled the Limewire application completely and restarted my computer. I am not sure what seems to be the conflict of my Java to the Limewire application, but obviously, there is something that needs to be checked.

I am using a Java Runtime Environment. Anyways, if someone can specify what needs to be done or what is the correct Java version to my Limewire because obviously, It does not work with it.

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Limewire having trouble with Java


Hey Blake,

As far as I understand the installer freezes after the Java Runtime Environment install process, so the LimeWire install never completes installation. But when you look in the list of programs installed in your computer, Java is listed there.

If you want to try and fix the problem from this point where the Limewire installer hangs, there's one work around. When the installer stops responding, do not try to close or stop the install process. Since you have mentioned that the JRE is already installed in your computer, the next thing that you need to do is to go the task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del on your keyboard. Then click on task manager. Now under the "Applications" tab, select the Java(TM) Runtime Environment Setup line and click the "End Task" button. That should close the Task Manager window. Then try to wait and see if the Limewire installation process continues.

If it that does not fix the problem. I believe that manually installing the Java Runtime Environment would fix your problem. If I am not mistaken what you are experiencing otherwise is like this or similar to this then: When you open Limewire, you get a pop up saying " Limewire Launcher Error – Limewire was unable to load the Java runtime environment. Please download and install a newer version.

Maybe the words are not exactly similar but in essence are the same. I did a little research on this, in fact I remember having the same problem before. I believe what you need to do is to manually install the JAVA runtime environment or uninstalling it and downloading another copy. It is recommended that you download the Offline Java Installer due to incomplete downloads or downloading issues when trying to install the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) online. The reason why you have to manually download and reinstall JRE is because sometimes during the transmission of the JRE, files or bits of information get corrupted. So basically, you have a JRE that is not properly working.

But before you do anything, let's start with a clean plate, uninstall Java and uninstall Limewire. Now try to make sure that all Limewire files and folders are gone, so try to manually delete these folders, if any, by going to the Program Files folder. There are some programs that can uninstall all programs related files like Revo Uninstaller, but I don't think there a need for that right now. After you have uninstalled both programs, install your manually downloaded JRE first, and install Limewire.

Download the JRE here

Note however that there are two links there to choose from, you have the 32 bit and the 64 bit version. Choose the one that matches your own version of Windows.

Just a piece of additional information: I was just checking Limewire's website and they are currently facing some legal charges filed by almost all music recording companies , there's a court order asking them to stop distributing the Limewire software. The website's operation is frozen as well.

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