Lenovo T61 Intolerable Heat condition

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I am using a Lenovo T61 Laptop in the office. I always experience unusual heat , this annoys me because
aside from the intolerable heat condition once in a while it automatically shuts down and need to open again to continue working. Please advise on how will i be able
solve this laptop problem.

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Lenovo T61 Intolerable Heat condition

You probably have one or two of the following errors:
1. The cooling fan of your laptop is not working and that is the reason of being  too hot. It is easy to check, just see the bottom of your laptop and you should hear the noise of the fan spinning or feel the air in your hands coming from it. What is unusual if this is the case is that the system should give you an error message. Shutting down if one of the symptoms of a failed cooling fan.
2. Your battery is reaching end of life. Batteries heat up more when are closing to completely fail. You can check it by touching the surface of it. The battery is also in the bottom of your laptop.
3. You are using your laptop with the charger connected all day. This cause the battery to heat up and could be the reason of the problem.


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