Leaving the PC open for many days

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Hi Everyone

Here is my question. Is it okay because i was wondering if it’s fine to leave the PC open (I'm pointing to desk)? I've been doing this for the past 10 days. Is it protected or can cause possible damages to the hardware? Any suggestions?

Thanks. Tony Garcia

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Leaving the PC open for many days


Hi Tony,

Nope, And what the reason you do this, unless for the valid reason, your having a project for 10 successive days and doesn't need to turn off your PC, or you downloaded something that you finish in the next 10 days. It's just a waste on the electricity cost. Your computer maybe full of dust for 10 days. Temperature increases and can causes overheat on the machine. Always remember what the experts say, machine can also similar to human beings. They need rest not excessive of their work, should be clean not dirty no dust, normal temperature not always is the high mode. If you cannot handle this 3 precautions then probably next month, or couple of months your computer parts will be damage.
Tony Stevenson.



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Leaving the PC open for many days


My answer is definitely, NO. It’s not just because of it’s a waste of energy but there are also some technical reasons why you should turn off your computer when you are not going to use it.

1.       I know there are times that you install new devices or programs or delete some programs or files in your computer and it won’t take effect not unless you restart your computer.

2.       All programs you have in your computer need an amount of memory to do it’s tasks and that is not available again until the program is closed. Again, what I meant about turning your computer off is actually leaving it for minutes or even hours.

3.       As we all know, computer uses air to cool itself down. So it means that It includes dust or any small particles to be inside your computer thus it may add to the heat buildup which may lead to overheating.

I hope this finds you well.

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Leaving the PC open for many days


It is not advisable to do that. When you leave the PC open for that long time, then  it will not be able to cool down. You need to shut down your system for some time for the following reasons:

  • To let the system refresh, otherwise it will be overworked and end up being slow in carrying out the processes that you may need to handle.
  • The system components like the fan, the power unit and others need to cool down. Otherwise these components may be overworked and some of them end up overheating and thus affecting the system performance.

It is just a good maintenance practice to let your computer system rest for a while, and that will make it last for a long time without many problems that will need frequent repairs.

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