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I love to travel a lot but work almost always force me to bring my laptop computer with my travels. So I work while I’m on the road on the train sometimes on the plane. Are there any truths that leaving your laptop on sleep mode while travelling will damage it? Why?

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Yes you can keep your laptop on sleep mode by changing the setting of your laptop. what you have to do go to your battery option and click on that. it will display a window which is showing your current plan you are using for your laptop. change the plane of your laptop battery. Normally this setting is on balanced. what you have to do. You have to select your power saving setting it has default as well as custom use option choose the custom setting and change all the time for sleep to your desire time in which you want to keep your laptop on sleep mode. Hope this will solve your problem. thanks

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The truth in leaving your laptop on sleep might damage your computer because it is not the same as shutting it down,when you put  your laptop on a sleep mode it still keep the laptop warm unlike if you shut it down it stops all the processors and cool down the computer and the worst thing if you put your laptop to sleep and its inside a case or your inside a car and becomes warmer and warmer and might cause your laptop to reboot on its own when you open it,so the best thing to do shut it down.

Hope this simple tip will help you!

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Computers has this feature that allows your computer on sleep mode. This save battery, time and effort whenever you need your computer, at the right time and the right place. This is tried and tested but the percentage is small when computer is on and it gets damage while in that process. Laptop's sleep mode is created and designed to let the computer be on sleep mode and be ready when it's time to use.

There is a truth on this because it might damage the hardware components inside, caused by malfunction, sudden electric shock and other elements that can't be control such as lightning strike. It is advisable to turn off your computer and not just by sleep mode. When computer is on this stage, even though it's on sleep mode, the computer hardware and software are still running and is using power. The battery must be the first to get damaged because of it use the hardware constantly.

Sharath Reddy