My laptop speakers stops working

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Hello folks,

My Dell laptop Inspiron 1545's speakers stopped working. Last week when I planned to watch a movie in my laptop, I found  that there was no sound coming from the speakers. I thought the movie itself had no sound or maybe it was on mute. But it was not. I  tried playing music and playing games but there is no sound coming from the speaker.

What seems to be the problem with my laptop? Will someone help me ASAP? I am getting frustrated, I can't chat with my friends without using a headset.

Thanks bros.

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My laptop speakers stops working


You can solve any problem laptop, after correctly diagnose and isolate the underlying source. There are two types of potential problems. Hardware and software problems. Each device connected to the computer, has its connections, hardware and software in the manner of driving. The case of the laptop speakers not working, it could be resulting from a malfunction of hardware or software of any anomaly.


Check only if the source of the problem is defective internal connections. Do connect your headphones or external speakers and see if you get any sound. If you get a sound, the problem is with the hardware inside. If you do not get a sound, that means that the problem could be with the software internally, associated with the speaker.

Here are some simple things you can do to solve the problem of the laptop speakers doesn't work, where it is only a software problem.


Sometimes virus problems and installing certain programs can mess up the configuration of audio software and data may be lost. In such cases, go for a 'system restore' that will reset all settings, as they were before. To do this, go to ' Accessories > system tools > system restore '. If this works, it should again be the sound from your laptop.


It could be another problem, that your laptop audio drivers installed may have been damaged. In this case, you must delete the old sound drivers and then reinstall them from your driver installation CD.

To delete the old drivers go to ' start > Control Panel > system > Hardware > Device Manager > sound and Video drivers suit. Remove sound devices that appear there, while taking care that the audio codecs and legacy audio drivers are not removed. Rerun the recovery CD to get the sound drivers installed recently.

You should have charge of your laptop speaker problem doesn't work. Just a few mouse clicks!

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My laptop speakers stops working


Don't give your laptop for service to any local service center. Give it to any Dell authorized service center in your city.  And if you have a warranty period, claim it in the Dell website telling them about your problem. They can service your laptop or else they will replace a new laptop for free of cost. You can also extend your warranty period, once yearly  and it is easy to claim for warranty.

Thank you.

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