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Hi everyone,

I have decided my mind that I have to do something heavier task which I will be doing by some program but I am not sure by which program I should start right now. So what would be the definite language to fulfill my demand of modeling work? So, as a new in learning how I would make myself capable to improve my ability to make this kind of task? Could you please help me out regarding this?

Thank you.

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        If you consider your self as a starter on programming, you need to learn first C programming which I learned first during my college. We started C because you will learn programming from basic, unlike other programming language that have already build in functions which you need to learn it manually in C for you to be good in programming. When you learn C it is now easy for you to use java, so after learning C go to java programming. If you learned java, it is much easier for you to do programming which is in demand now like android application programming. Android application programming is heavy task so as you mentioned you need heavier task and that’s it.