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Help my Toshiba satellite laptop got distorted image and i have seen the problem its the vga how can i repair a vga card for a laptop and where can i buy a high-end video card for this can you please help me out guys thanks and God bless!

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  • This is just a guidelines on how to clean the vga of your laptop usually if there’s a distorted image causes might me dust inside you laptop that could basically create some sort of problems, now to do that:
  • Clear the intake air vent from the bottom of your laptop, this will prevent your video card from heating, when it is blocked the air will not be able to enter and the VGA card can also overheat.
  • Try to check the connection cable out side the monitor, when cables are loose the video access cannot reach your monitor. The try to install updated drivers in your computer just open the internet and find the way to the manufacturing site.

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Distorted images is caused by Video Card not properly installed. Similar to the monitor's partially unplugged cord and this caused monitor colors creates lines and distorted images.

VGA installed inside has to be securely connected to maximized it's usage and display great images. It could be the VGA card itself is causing it, trial and error is the solutions. If you are techy enough, testing this VGA card to a known working computer, then run the computer down. Once computer is not displaying distorted image then, at least you have known that it's not the VGA is the issue.

Once identified that it's not, could be slot where the VGA is connected. Try to secure the connection and has to be tightly intact. Make sure there is no loose connection because this is the main reason why distorted image to display.

You will also need to consider the cord supplied, connecting the VGA adapter to it's counter-part.

Sharath Reddy