Laptop sleep problem sleeps but doesn’t wake up

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I have noticed that my 3 year old Dell laptop has a problem in power management. Either there is a problem in this laptop or this may ne common to all laptops in this series. So i am posting the issue to know more about it. Issue is this- once I put the laptop into sleep mode, I can see that laptop takes around 4-5 seconds and quickly goes to sleep. There is a LED for power which slowly glows and dims indicating laptop is sleeping. But while I try to wake up, by pressing power button, it doesn’t wake up at all! I have to press it long enough to put it in hard shutdown and only then carryon. Any solutions? Hints and help are appreciated.

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Laptop sleep problem sleeps but doesn’t wake up


If your laptop is not waking up after a sleep function then it is due to the outdated power management drivers. So you want update the drivers for that follow the steps below.

1. Press Win key+ break.

2. Click on device manger on the right hand side.

3. Or simply type device manger in start.

4. Or go to my computer> Right click> Properties.

5. Inside device manager expand System devices.

6. Right click on MS ACPI- complaint system

7. Update driver software by following the steps appear.

8. You can also update MS ACPI embedded controller.

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