Not able to launch PDF files in laptop

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Recently, i bought a DELL laptop and it was working fine for all application. 

When i tried to open a PDF file, i was not able to open it. 

I already installed the Adobe reader 9.0 in my laptop. 

Still the pdf files are not getting opened up in my laptop. 

The laptop is new and i hope there wont be any problem with the laptop. 

Can anyone suggest me the apt solution for this problem?

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Not able to launch PDF files in laptop


Hi, within windows OS, every file extension has it's default associated program. This information is define within the windows register variables, so probably, since it is a new PC, the problem is within this default program, in other terms your system does not recognize any program , as default, to open PDF files, so to try to open it manually :

click with the right of your mouse , when a PDF file is chosen an go to open with, choose the adobe reader, to open with.

If this works for you then you need to set adobe as your default PDF reader, so do what you have done above but choose the entry to set a default program and, in the window that open, choose adobe reader, if you don't find adobe reader, you need to browse to the C: program folder and choose the adobe reader .exe, and that will allow you to open PDF with adobe reader from now on.

Hope this helps !!


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Not able to launch PDF files in laptop


If you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader and still no sign that it will view your file you can try this steps below:

Solution 1

Right click on the file that you are going to open, choose Open With in the menu and then Choose Program if no Adobe Reader is seen. Browse through it on your computer and select the program so that it will be the default program that will open all of your .PDF files.

Solution 2

Change your .PDF reader software, try using a different one like Nitro PDF reader. It is a stable software for reading .PDF files.

Solution 3

Search Google for online .PDF viewers. There are a lot of websites out there that can do this.

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Not able to launch PDF files in laptop


After successful file association of PDF files to open in adobe reader, have you tried to see if indeed your pdf files are opening?

If they aren’t, then the problem could be that the files themselves are corrupt.

Try opening the same files on another computer and see if they open before jumping into conclusion.

Isolating a problem after the other could be the best way to solve your problems.

It will help you to identify the real problem on your issues.

A new laptop and probably a clean new installation of Adobe reader wouldn’t in any way refrain PDF files from opening.

The problem most likely would be the PDF files themselves.


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Not able to launch PDF files in laptop



Try out disabling the particular "View In Browser" as well as "Web Visitor Integration" element within your Adobe Acrobat audience (for plug-in as well as common versions).

Carrying this out will push your Acrobat audience to show PDF outdoors your internet browser into a separate window.

Typically this will likely resolve your problem.

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