The laptop screen displays small black spots

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The laptop screen displays small black spots on the screen, is it a dead pixel or something else as it hampering the display?

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The laptop screen displays small black spots



If it is dead pixel then, take a soft cloth and run that over the area gently, and restart. If it still persists the, run the system in BIOS mode or UEFI firmware via traditional method: Boot the PC, while the firmware starts to run, press F2/F1(Fn+F1 or Fn+F2). Generally, this dead pixel problem is fixed when the system runs in BIOS mode, but if there is no scope of change then call the authorized service centre and take the screenshot of the dead pixel in BIOS mode.


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The laptop screen displays small black spots


It is probably just a minor glitch on the monitor’s pixel. Try pressing on the monitor’s Degauss option which you can find on the button in front of your monitor. Press the menu button then look for and navigate to the Degauss option then select it. The degauss option on your monitor is used to demagnetize the screen. It decreases or eliminates remaining magnetic field.

If your monitor’s front button doesn’t have the option, your video card surely has it. But to be able to use degauss, you must be using a conventional CRT monitor. Now, to degauss using your graphics adapter’s software, click Start, Control Panel, “Appearance and Themes”, and then select Display. Select Settings tab then click Advanced.

You should have different tabs like General, Adapter, Monitor, Troubleshoot, Color Management, and your video card’s software which, in my case, is Intel Extreme Graphics. Select your video card’s software tab then click Graphics Properties.

In Devices tab, click Monitor Settings.

The next screen should have different sections depending on your video card. Look for and click Degauss. Your monitor should demagnetize after that and the discoloration on the screen should disappear.

If you are using a laptop, there is also a way to degauss. To degauss, shut down your laptop. While the machine is preparing to shut down, the screen is starting to degauss. Other computers perform this during initial startup. Wait at least 20 to 30 seconds. After that, turn on your laptop and let it start normally.

Take note, avoid turning on the laptop after it has just shut off because it causes damage to hardware.

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