Knowing better the platform and properties of Adobe After Effects CC

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I would like to know more about After Effects. What are the available tools that I can use for my animations? What are panels? What are the proper usage of it? What are context menus? How can I hide and show menus? How can I hide and show panels? What are the search and filter options in timeline and effects? Can I utilize my mouse to control zoom in and out? What are the options in the keyboard that I can use to make it easier for me to work on this software?

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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Knowing better the platform and properties of Adobe After Effects CC


Hello Donald!

Panels – Contains different compositions, objects or items included in your animation.

Context Menu – hold different types of modifications, like adjusting your animation effects, colors, editing frames and rates, mask modes and more.

You can use the menus from the top of the windows to hide and show the panels or windows.

1. View Menu

2. Windows Menu

3. Tools menu

Search and Filter Effects – you can use the keyboard combination Ctrl + Alt + E to see what is source of the layer. You can also use the menu options File >> Dependencies >> Find Missing (Effects, Fonts, Footage). You can use the scroll ball from your mouse to zoom in and out. I know that Ctrl + (+ and – from your keyboard) usually works with Adobe Software to zoom in and out.

Here are the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts for After Effects

1. V, H, Z, W to switch to different control

2. You can use the page down and up to move in to your timeline

3. Ctrl + D to duplicate your layers

4. Ctrl + Shift + C to pre-compose layers

5. You can use P for position, S for Scale, R for rotation, T for Opacity

6. Use J, K to jump to the next and previous key-frame

7. Alt + (+) to zoom in to your work

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