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Hello, Can anyone describe about HTML Images? I want to know all about html Images. I want to know details. How does it work? What is the code format? Please describe me.

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Image tag is used in html to add image in web page. This tag is defined by <img>.

To create image tag you have to know about some attributes.

“src” is used for the image file  source.

“alt” is used for image name to show.

And other attributes are simple which width and height.


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Hi Dear,

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a very large Web Language.

And to put Images into webpage by using HTML is called html images.

If you want to put images on your page by HTML language, so you have to put these codes into your Editor.

<img src="--Here you have to describe the location of your image--"></img>

Suppose you have an image 123.jpg in D Drive.

<img src="D:\123.jpg"></image>

Hope you will enjoy this


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HTML image is the command use to add images on your webpage. The format for placing images to your page is stated below:

<IMG SRC="image.gif" ALT="text" WIDTH="20" HEIGHT="20">

The IMG stands for Image and the SRC is the source of your image where your image.gif is the filename of your image. The ALT command is the alternate text that will tell your browser if the image cannot be find. It will display the text and will also let everyone who cannot view the image what is it all about. The Width and the Height is the dimension of your image.