No Keyboard Present after Robust Virus

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I had formatted my PC because of the robust viruses that affected its performance. When I started my PC after the format process and while it was in the booting point, I had encountered this error message “Keyboard error or no keyboard present. ”

It offered me options to choose between pressing F1 to continue and DEL to enter into the setup interface.

Keyboard error or keyboard not present

Detecting Primary Master

Detecting Primary Slave …

Detecting Secondary Master…

Detecting Secondary Slave …

QUANTUM F Maxtor 54. LC CDARN Maxtor 6

Keyboard error or no keyboard present

Press F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP

I had tried both the options available, but it had loaded only up to the Windows XP and nothing followed. I formatted my PC various times, but it still cannot recognize the keyboard and mouse.

The keyboard is a PS2 type and I am thinking that a driver is not required for it to function normally. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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No Keyboard Present after Robust Virus

  • This is a problem which can happen with a PS2 keyboard. As an alternative you can try to use a USB keyboard and that should solve the problem.
  • Also, you need to check the BIOS settings, because if there is a system halt option in your settings on keyboard, the error is genuine. In that case you need to remove the option of system halt on keyboard to none. This should solve the problem.
  • Try to reset the BIOS during computer startup. This can be done by taking out the jumper ( for BIOS reset) from the 1-2 position and putting in the 2-3 position for few seconds and then reverting it back to the 1-2 position on the motherboard.
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No Keyboard Present after Robust Virus


Viruses are sometimes very painful yet they so powerfully designed that they could harm our computer up to the hardware level. Keyboards are very much useful input devices but the habit of changing their positions or unplugging them unnecessarily would come in the result of damage keyboard's port on the motherboard.

One of the main reason of keyboard being not detected by windows can be the damage SP2 port of the motherboard. Check it by replacing another keyboard instead of the previous one.

Observe the detection lights on the keyboard at the time of restarting your computer and notice that through this keyboard whether you are able to go in setup or not if yes it means it is a bios problem rather than port.

Hope it helps you.


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