Key logger software in my pc

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There is a key logger software running in my pc (can’t find software name) recording every letter I enter from keyboard and taking snapshot from screen how can I stop this software from stalling my information by removing, deleting or enter data with another way that cannot be recorded ?

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Key logger software in my pc


A key logger is another type of virus. It records everything in your computer especially every key pressed in the keyboard. And I’m sure there is a host where the key logger sends the information. It only means that you do not have a reliable antivirus installed in your computer that is why a virus of this type managed to get in.

If you are using AVG Antivirus, better to replace it. This antivirus updates almost everyday and that is good for the system to be aware of the latest threats emerging everywhere.

But it is weak in the sense that it is only good in detecting file viruses. It doesn’t monitor different file behaviors just like what Norton Antivirus’ SONAR Protection do, it uses Heuristic detection to monitor the behaviors of every file that is launched either in the background or initiated by the user.

I don’t know if at this stage it is still helpful installing another antivirus since your system is already infected. But it’s worth trying. Visit Symantec’s website: and download Norton Antivirus 2012. They offer free trial versions. After downloading uninstall your current antivirus then install Norton Antivirus. Update first Norton Antivirus after installing then run a full-system scan to verify the current status of the hard drive.

If installing Norton Antivirus didn’t help, there is no other option but to totally format the hard drive and install Windows again. And this time stay with Norton Antivirus so you’ll be sure you are using a reliable antivirus. You may also try McAfee Antivirus which also offers free trial downloads from their site. Visit McAfee’s website here.

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Key logger software in my pc


This will be a virus program or Trojan program to access your Accounts and personal data illegally.

So don’t wary and run antivirus, I recommend AVG and just scan with UPDATES.

Surely you can remove that unusual program and just check with pressing Alt+Ctrl+delete and processing tab and if u see a unusual program and just shut it off.

I think that is a best way,  Because lot of key loggers are hidden from antivirus.

Good luck, be safe .

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Key logger software in my pc


Hello Dear,

It is very upsetting that someone is watching everything you are browsing, playing or typing.

There are many software's that can find this keylogger. In fact, keylogger is a script file.

You can find it via search, but if you cannot find it then please do this.

Press CTRL + ALT+ Delete keys, they will open task manager. Go to process and right click on the keylogger script file.

Then, click on End Process Tree. An alert will appear.

Click on Yes. Now, you are safe.



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