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I am receiving the following error window on starting my Windows 7 computer, and I don’t know which program is causing this error to appear. How can I identify it?

Please help me get rid of this.


Keychanger.exe - System Error      

The program can't start because kbdhook.dll is missing from your      
computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.      

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Kdbhook.dll error can be caused by removing a certain program which is shared by another program or system. Incomplete or bad installation can also cause for the file to go missing. It can also be mistakenly deleted by a virus or spyware or other users.

You can try to download kdbhook.dll file to replace the old or missing one to fix the error. Back up your files before installing the file. But most often than not, registry related entries would have been most likely modified or corrupted once the dll errors occurred. You may wish to download it here

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Keychanger.exe is a process on your Windows 7 PC that launches and executes files that requires to run software and other programs. If you tried to launch a program but receiving error, it might be for the reason that the Keychanger.exe process is missing or damaged.

But there are also some undetected Spywares that may be responsible why you are receiving this error. The possible reasons why you are getting this error message are:

1. The Keychanger.exe has been corrupted, damaged or deleted mistakenly.

2. Registry files related to it has been corrupted. In this issue, it may be the kbdhook.dll.

3. Windows is out of date.

4. Malicious Spyware or virus threat.

In this case, you can download the Keychanger.exe here and replace it on your computer.

Do not download the missing kbdhook.dll on any dll site.

Editing your registry can make your problem worst.

Run a registry cleaner; scan your computer for any viruses.

Cathy Emrald