Kaspersky Internet 2011 Error Message

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I wanted to activate my Kaspersky Internet 2011 but when I put the activation code and connected to the server I get this error message: Number of activation using this code exceeded. How do I activate it successfully and not have this error? Thank you for any suggestions.


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Number of activations using this code exceeded

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Kaspersky Internet 2011 Error Message


Beyond the bare-bones basic principles, such as check system date/time appropriate, and make sure that the preliminary value is for that product, and make sure the preliminary value is joined in effectively, and do a internet directories upgrade > reboot, and try run and re set up > upgrade internet directories > reboot, and simply choose the "Update signing up status" choice (if applicable)

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Kaspersky Internet 2011 Error Message


Hai Dawn Hardwick,

The problem occured due to wrong licence key.

Peoples simply search for free licence codes on internet and use it to prevent paying additional money for extenting of license period.

The kaspersky update sever have some limitations on the usage of the licence key. That means a key can be used for limited number of

times for updation. These free keys are also used by other peoples. So the kaspersky refuses to accept the licence key which is used by a lot  of peoples. Thats why kaspersky shows the error. I hope you have understand the  reason for causing this problem. The only solution is to find a genuine/pure key which is not used by evrey one.

Hopes these helped you to over come the problem.


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