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The Juicebox 1.0.2 is to use a great gallery for images. How is it compatible against the other software Picasa?

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If you have a personal collection of your own photos and you want to make it viewable on your website or if you want to promote your products online using your webpage, make an online gallery to present your work. Juicebox is a way to create a gallery that can be utilize to make a platform of all your photos and can also be utilize in merging your images that has been uploaded through Flickr.

It has its desktop software which is called the AIR app that can be used with Linux, Windows or Mac PCs without getting issues. The galleries that you will make will become viewable on any device such as the iOS or Anroide devices with the help of the HTML5 instead of Flash. There are various plugins that make it possible to create a gallery using Photoshop or WordPress, but you need to encode and resize the images on your own.

Navigating through it is very simple no matter what the scale of your gallery is. Users can use a mouse to navigate or use advantage of touch screens. There is no need to design the galleries on a particular device, just select a layout and modify the scale. You still have a choice to select between the small and large screen enhancement.

These are all available in the Lite version that is free to download. However, there is a Pro version if you want to use the complete features. Both versions comes with templates but Pro has more templates available and it has a lesser advertising and branding. Upgrading to the Pro version can also give the user a chance to add music to your gallery and will give the viewers a hands-free navigation.

Thank you.

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In case you have a collection of private photos you could jump at the chance to make ready on your web post or you are looking to showcase some of your business items within the web based world, making a digital photograph album is a terrific course to show off your effort. Juicebox is a photo gallery making utility that might be utilized to construct a web-based stage for your visualizations, and can in addition be utilized in combination with photos that have even been transferred to Flickr. The desktop form of the product is an AIR application which denotes that it can be utilized on Linux, Windows and Macs because it is developed using HTML5 as opposed to Flash.